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December 08, 2017


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Jennifer Woodhull

I don't know that I agree that property ownership is "the human condition." The Native Americans didn't seem to think so; and neither did the native tribes in my own native South Africa. Your notion of sharing land temporarily with all the other sentient and non-sentient entities who call it home makes a lot more sense to me.


I think you have the right idea about sharing. I have had many moments of wanting to return to a more natural state. I believe too that we can all coexist. I have wanted to be Wild and free most of my life, feeling such affinity with the animals and the explorers of past. Oh well, I had my sacred moments in the wild from which I never wanted to come back from!! Love the pictures!


Love reading about your trespasses and as always the pictures are stunning.

Julene Bair

"But to ignore the signs, step around the barbed wire and walk across open land feels like reclaiming the earth as it once was: no boundaries, no restrictions." It is not easy to pinpoint the myriad feelings that inhabit us as we make our way through the natural world, at least not for me. This is just one of many examples I could have chosen from this post. You do it with such apparent ease.

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