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August 11, 2017


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Jennifer Woodhull

Thanks for reminding me of the beauty in a rainy day. It's been raining virtually nonstop for a couple of weeks here in Manitou Springs, and I was getting ready for an attack of SAD until I read your journal entry. Now perhaps I'll try looking at the sky as magically muted, rather than as a cosmic sinus headache.


This reminds me of the days of working for the forest service in Washington when it rained everyday! Would have nice to pick the day of my choosing but it was most days. As a novelty it could be nice. Glad you beat the crowds and your right, there is a different color and quality to everything and a quietness.


What a lovely post. The photos make me feel like I was lucky enough to experience it for a few moments.


What a wonderful perspective. I really like the walrus tree sculpture.

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