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April 01, 2017


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Good story and photos. I'm reminded of the decades old cottonwood, cedar, and chokecherry trees that fell over in a wind burst at the farm a few years ago.

Susan Smith

Hi Kathy
Just caught up with your cabin journal. I love the writing and the pics .... especially the one of you and your father with the fish ... I have many similar pics with my dad, mostly from Lake Michigan.
Now that you can see the ground, I hope you enjoy watching things start to grow. Meanwhile, I have tulips up in the suburbs ...

Stay well,

Julene Bair

Sad to see all of those fallen trees. How utterly dependent we are on chainsaws. Otherwise any roads they fell across would be impassable forevermore. I wonder when a tree becomes technically dead. It must still be alive for a while after it falls, and if some giant hand could reach down, dig a hole, and replant it, it might revive.

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