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September 09, 2016


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Julene Bair

What an incredible picture! As long as the thistles are well-contained, it's wonderful that they provide for the birds. In my yard, they get out of hand, but I've found I can kill them with boiling water. Every so often, I wander around the property with a tea kettle in hand, happy that I can control the weeds with something so benign.


Summer did suddenly go on it's way for me too. I've been noticing a Northern Flicker bird that has been frequenting my backyard. I understand they are ground feeders. So, it has been pecking away at my wooden patio wall and the grouting in my blacktop driveway. There are a few Robins in the backyard too. Still hanging on to summer. I think it was a flock of Starlings that were migrating through the area a couple weeks ago. There were at least a couple dozen on the back lawn. There are mostly Finches at the feeder and bird bath now. The Finches have also been more vocal than usual. The Catbird is also making an appearance every so often, it likes the bushes with berries along the lawn. But not to forget the Chickadee, Nuthatch (2 kinds), Downy Woodpecker, Hairy Woodpecker, Red-bellied Woodpecker, Pileated Woodpecker, Northern Cardinal, Mourning Dove and Bluejay that also seem to be at the feeder, in any season. The crows, hawks and turkey vultures patrol the sky. The rabbits are hopping about and munching on blades of grass. The black and grey squirrels rule the space underneath the feeder. The two resident chipmunks seem to be in a frenzy. Searching for every last crumb of food store before winter weather sets in. Their cheeks are plump full of food. Did I just say the "w" word. I'm not ready yet.

Jennifer Woodhull

Thanks for keeping me in touch with the real world, Kathy. I'm right in the heart of the city—a fine city, and one that I'm enjoying, but very far from the natural seasonal signs you describe. It's getting cooler; that's about it. Your photos and vivid descriptions help me remember that there's more to the world than what man [sic] hath made.


Love the image of the bird and that you let the thistle grow. We let the dandelions grow for
the bees. I'm sure my suburban neighbors don't like it and also sure their Roundup is doing far more harm.


I love your picture of the siskin bathed in white! Around Boulder in springtime I used to see siskins on the ground poking at the puff balls of dandelion seeds, and I thought how wonderful that the siskins could enjoy a tasty meal. All these flowers that the humans wish would go away--they're making the birds so happy! Lucky siskins at your cabin, finding a human who dishes up variety!

Kathy Kaiser

Brent, I'm not ready yet either but it's hard to miss the signs.It's so great that you have pileated woodpeckers.

Kathy Kaiser

Thanks, Priscilla. That's one of my main drives: keeping the animals happy.

Kathy Kaiser

Rachel, kudos to you for letting the dandelions grow in your suburban yard.

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