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July 29, 2016


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Walking in a Manitou Springs neighborhood the other evening, I saw a very handsome skunk in someone's back yard. It wasn't more than a couple of yards away from me; thankfully, the dog I was walking was busy sniffing at something else across the road. As I was feverishly getting my iPhone photo-ready, the skunk vanished under a shed. I swear I've smelled skunks in South Africa, but I believe they don't actually live there …

debbie doyle

I love to feed birds, though I know the primary cost of doing so is dealing with the rats the feed attracts. I had no problem allowing them space in my shed; everyone needs a space to live. I cultivated a very live & let live attitude until they moved into my Prius. :(


Wonderful to read about the wildlife! Beautiful photos, too..


Good thing the chipmunk didn't drink your wine. There has been a fat neighborhood cat frequenting my backyard. I'll see it under the bird feeder or thereabout. I have had to chase it away a couple times.

Julene Bair

That weasel picture is fantastic. Too cute for an animal who is also so ferocious. I'm with you all the way. Much better to live and let live rather than eradicate anything that causes us the slightest inconvenience. I do the same thing with garter and bull snakes on my property, and am richer for the experience of seeing them now and then--although unwary human guests tend not to appreciate them as much as I do.

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