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March 03, 2014


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Trees are alive and I think we can love them-and so their tumbling down causes us grief like the loss of other living beings. How long do they live once they fall?
I love to see the roots and often wonder how they manage to root and feed that tree.
Of course, the circle of life here....they continue to support animals and plants even after they are gone...
I ramble. I was moved by your piece and it set me to thinking.

Sally Hanson

I've heard a few actually fall when I was close by and it shakes you to your core! It's quite the experience. So when we can step back and be detached...it's life! Incredible succession. Thank you for always coming up with such thoughtful observations. Always insightful.

Brent Zeinert

Great story with images. And I especially like your "Getting away from it all" post from this past February. Cheers from Wisconsin!

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