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December 07, 2010


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Rachel Maizes

Kathy, I am totally with you when it comes to reducing use of soaps and other detergents. What an irony that materials that are supposed to be "clean" poison the environment. In general, I believe studies show that it is better to be exposed to dirt, that our bodies learn to fight unwanted pathogens. I have one suggestion, though. Do use a separate sponge for mouse droppings as they may cause hanta virus a virulent pathogen that can be deadly.

Laurel Kallenbach

First, I love the photo of the trees entwined!

Second: good for you for minimizing the non-biodegradable soaps. You might be careful not to pour greasy water in the same places too often because grease can actually clog soil--likely only a problem if you use the same dumping site each time. I've found that when I camp and throw out the washing water that I use a different spot every time...

Kathy Kaiser

Good points, Rachel and Laurel. I actually do throw the water in the same place (right out the back door), so I'll be sure to go further afield. And I have been using a different sponge to clean up the mouse droppings, although they have disappeared in the last month or so. Don't know where the mice go in the winter.

Someone else suggested using vinegar to get rid of the grease, so I'll be trying that to.

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